Nelson Sensenig – Rock Stream, NY

“I really like the A2847 and A2340.  Conventional or with traits they perform!  Call me for your Augusta Seed corn needs!” 607-243-5147

Freddie Doub – East Bend, NC

“We plant the A2847 so we can take advantage of the early deer corn market.  This year it handled several weeks of hot and dry stress and stayed healthy and was picked on August 25th.  It yielded great and we are very pleased!”

Allen Custer and Carolyn Helmick – Eglon, WV

“I’ve planted A2847-3000GT for 3 years with good results.  A2847 yields!  I’m now an Augusta dealer and looking forward to planting some of the new short season (86-93 RDM) Augusta hybrids.” 301-616-8789

Brent Cox – Fall Branch, TN

“I have bought Augusta corn for several years and I am always pleased with it!”

Bradley Bowers – Piney Flats, TN

“Under several weeks of drought stress, my A2847 has still produced an above average crop on hard clay ground.  I am very pleased with my Augusta corn.”

Carlin, Merle & Jeremy Zimmerman – Lebanon, PA

“For years now we have relied on A2847 (97 RDM).  For an early corn or after barley this one never disappointed us!  Call me for your Augusta Seed needs.” 717-821-5125

Joel Steigman – Halifax, PA

“A2847 (97 RDM) has a lot of drought tolerance.”

Joel Steigman – Halifax, PA

“Augusta 2847 (97 RDM) has a nice uniform ear size, has great yield potential for a 97 day corn and has a lot of drought tolerance.”

Tony Slaughter – Kingsport, TN

“We had a terribly wet May and I chose Augusta 2847 (97 RDM) because it was a short season hybrid.  I am extremely pleased with its performance and am looking forward to probably one of the best corn crops I’ve ever had!”

Boyce Lennon – Evergreen, NC

“A2847 (97 RDM) can be harvested for early premiums and yields great.”

Boyce Lennon – Evergreen, NC

“I really like my Augusta 2847.  It averaged 180 bushels per acre and was ready to harvest very early in the season.  It you want to take advantage of early season premiums and not jeopardize yields, you gotta try the Augusta 2847!”

Charles Kirby – Warsaw, NC

“A2847 (97 RDM) yields with the full season corns.”

Charles Kirby - Warsaw, NC

“We like to start harvesting early.  The Augusta 2847 (97 RDM) allows us to do just that.  We have had it several years now and it has never let us down.  It’s healthy, stands well and offers yield just like our full season hybrids.  It was planted on some sandy soil and averaged 180 bushels per acre.”

Wayne & Brian Garber – Mount Sidney, VA

“A2847 is a great short season corn.  It has high yields and is a fit for our farm.”

Stephen Ellis – Caret, VA

“I have planted Augusta 2847 (97 RDM) for 5 years.  We plant more acreage of this corn than any other.  This year it averaged 200 dry land bushels per acre.  It was my best corn!”

Reggie Baker – Monroe, NC

“I received a lot of comments all growing season about how good the A2847 looked.  For two years now it has been our best early corn.  I like being able to pick it in August.  This year the Augusta 2847 averaged 175 bushels per acre.  I am very well pleased with this average!”