Scott, Noah and Steve Wine – Waynesboro, VA

“I particularly like A5566. It handles stress, stays healthy, stands great and YIELDS!”

Scott, Noah and Steve Wine – Waynesboro, VA, Wine Farms

“We’ve been planting Augusta Seed hybrids for about 4 years now and they have consistently performed for us for silage and grain.  We particularly like the way our A5566 handles stress, stays healthy, stands great and yields!”

Scott, Noah and Steve Wine – Waynesboro, VA

“I particularly like A5566.  It handles stress, stays healthy, stands great and YIELDS!”

Chris Wilkins – New Market, VA

“I like A5566 because of its green life.  We’ve had extreme disease pressure this year and some hybrids have died early.  This A5566 is still healthy late in the season and looks like it’s making a good yield.”

Wayne Smitherman – East Bend, NC

“The A5566 I planted this year was the best corn I have had on this particular farm since I’ve farmed it.  It averaged 190 bushels per acre, stood up well and had great grain quality.  I want more!”

A.J. Searles – Warsaw, NC

“Can’t wait to get the combine in this A5566.  Not sure the trucks will be able to keep up!!!”

Charlie Schooley – Staunton, VA

“A5566 is my go to hybrid!  We got behind the 8 ball with harvest this year because it was so wet.  The “Green Gene” in the A5566 and A5465 saved us!  It kept the corn alive and green so we could put up quality silage.”

Charlie Schooley – Staunton, VA

“My favorite full season corn is A5566.  It has the “Green Gene” and stays healthy for a long window of harvest.”

Johnathan Mote – Penderlea, NC

“Our first year with Augusta and we are very excited about this hybrid A5566.”

Ben Marshall and Peyton – Buchanan, VA

“My A5566 in Buchanan, VA has 18 rows around and 44 kernels long with a finished stand of 27,000.  I plant the “GREEN GENE” (A5566).”

Ben Marshall and Peyton – Buchanan, VA

“I told my Rep I want a full season hybrid that will go across varying soils, handle hot and dry stress, will tolerate blight pressure AND will yield!  It looks like my A5566 did all of that and more!  My fields are hand checking above 220 bushels per acre at 27K population.”

Edmund Holland – Calhoun, GA

“I am really pleased with my A5566.  It has been wet this year and this corn looked good all season.  I anticipate that it will run in the 170-180 bushels per acre range, which is better than average on this ground.  I particularly like the strong stalks and late season green life it has.”

Darren Hinkle – Augusta Seed Rep

“I am liking the performance of the A4658 and A5658 for our grain farmers.  The stress tolerance on the A5566 and its green life is excellent!  Call me for your seed needs!”

Jamie Draughn – Mt. Airy, NC

“Hand checking 282 bushels per acre!  A5566 was literally underwater back in July after 9 inches of rain fell in 4 days!  Standability…YES!!!”

Jamie Draughn – Mt. Airy, NC

“The A5566 is outstanding!  It literally was under water in August after 9 inches of rain.  It is very healthy and green, plus it is still standing well.”

Jamie Draughn – Mt. Airy, NC

“The A5566 is outstanding!  It literally was under water in August after 9 inches of rain.  It is very healthy and green, plus it is still standing well.”

James Cowherd – Campbellsville, KY

“The A5566 did very well for us this year.  We had it planted at 34K and we were amazed at the height and ear development when we chopped it.  Crop Services estimated the yield to be 230 bushels per acre.”

Floyd Childress – Christiansburg, VA

“I switched several years ago to the Augusta “Green Gene” hybrids because of heavy blight pressure.  I am here to tell you my A5465 and A5566 perform on my farm where some other national brands have failed.  They just stand out and consistently yield!”

Floyd Childress – Christiansburg, VA

“I can tell you that A5566 and A5465 have fixed our grey leaf and blight issues!  They both stay very healthy and green as they mature.  I am looking forward to planting the new A5264 (114 RDM).”

Garrett and Todd Beck – Deerfield, VA

“This is our first year with Augusta and it is the best corn on our farm!  It has great disease tolerance which is critical for us.  We have chopped some of the A5663 and it looks great, but we have some A5566 that looks even better!  We will increase our Augusta order next year.”

Ryan Atkins – Atkins Fertilizer – Dobson, NC

“We are really excited about A5566, A4959 and A5065.  They are yielding well and standing good even with our wind and flooding.  The A5566 is also being exceptional and has tremendous late season green life.  Call for your Augusta Seed needs.”


Marshall Arrowood – Oxford, PA

“I have planted Augusta 5566 for the last couple of years and it always comes up good, has big ear flex at lower populations and handles the stress well.  It has always done well for me.”

Steve & Scott Wine – Fishersville, VA

“Augusta 5566 was our best on the farm!”

Paul Talley – Stanfield, NC

“I planted 8 different hybrids in 2017.  A5566 was the highest yielding of them all and it was exceptional!”

Steve Sutton – Farmville, NC

“I’ve used A5566 for 3 years.  It is my go to hybrid!”

Mike & Charlie Schooley – Staunton, VA

“We really like the A5566.  It is tough against stress and still has high yields.  We use it for silage and grain.  The A5566 holds its green life really well.  It gives us a longer window for harvesting silage.”

Scott Rector – Meadowview, VA

“I have used Augusta Seed corn for several years.  My cows milk well off of the Augusta corn. I really like the green life and blight tolerance in the A5566 and A5465.  They are exceptionally good hybrids for my farm where blight has been a major issue.”

Tommy Poston – Johnsonville, SC

“Our A5566 averaged 165 bushels per acre.”

Tommy Poston – Johnsonville, SC

“We are very pleased with the Augusta 5566.  It had really good plant health and stood well.  Our A5566 averaged 165 bushels per acre this year.”

Carl Outland – Carrsville, VA

“The Augusta 5566 has excellent grain quality, plant health and is a great dryland corn.  Over the last two years the yield has been amazing!  This year it averaged 210 dryland bushels per acre. I plan to continue planting it!”

Wes Marshall – Weyers Cave, VA

“A5566 has the stress tolerance and standability to go along with its high yields!  It works for me.”

Wes Marshall – Weyers Cave, VA

“Augusta 5565 and A5566 have been strong performers on my farm for several years.  They yield, stand and dry down well.”

Daniel Lackey – Stoney Point, NC

“I’ve been planting A5566 for several years.  Last year it did a little over 200 bushels per acre.  This year it looks to be that good or better!  Very healthy, very consistent and low maintenance works for me!”

W. D. & Sam Harris – Mineral, VA

“I had a test plot on my farm this year with all the big companies.  When the smoke cleared the Augusta 5566 and A6664 topped the trials!  We walked the plots before the harvest and you could just tell by looking at the Augusta corns that they were gonna yield!”

Carroll Goodman – Statesville, NC

“I have been a fan of Augusta Seed for a long time!  I like doing business with a family owned company.  They have always brought me top performing corn hybrids!  This year, A5566 has been our top yielding corn against several of the national competitors!  We will be planting more next year!”

Floyd Childress – Christiansburg, VA

“On my farm, Augusta has beat the blight!  When I first started dealing with Augusta my number one issue was how to deal with the blight and leaf disease.  A5566 and A5465 have done it!  They are hands down the best corns I have ever used!”

Phillip Cartner & Andy Bowles – Mocksville, NC

“We have increased the amount of Augusta we plant every year based on the performance we have seen.  The Augusta 5566 (116 RDM) has definitely been a corn that has impressed us.  The plant health is great and it performs in good years and bad!  This year we had large acreage that averaged 180 bushels per acre and we will use more next year.”

Curtis Byrum & Matt Floyd – Tyner, NC

“The Augusta 5566 (116 RDM) has been a great corn for us the last two years.  This year it averaged 200 bushels per acre and had test weight from 59 to 61 pounds.  We are very pleased!”

Wilson Burkholder - Dayton, VA

“A5566 – 242 Bushels Per Acre!”