Darren Hinkle – Augusta Seed Rep

“I am liking the performance of the A4658 and A5658 for our grain farmers.  The stress tolerance on the A5566 and its green life is excellent!  Call me for your seed needs!” 540-255-7649

Darren Hinkle – Augusta Seed Rep

“The A4658, A5658, A5664 and A4465 (NEW FOR 2018) represent a strong group of hybrids for Kentucky growers.  Call me for more information or one of our fine dealers!” 540-255-7649

Douglas Harkey – Mt. Pleasant, NC

“I have used the A5658 for three years now and it has been a great corn.  I like that I can get it in a conventional option and this corn has tremendous flex capability.  It’s not uncommon to see 20 kernel row ears!”

Winston and Stephen Ellis – Champlain, VA

“We really like the versatility of the A5658.  It is a corn we can plant on a variety of soil types and it always does a good job!  This year under stress, the A5658 averaged 180 bushels per acre and we are well pleased.”

Reggie Baker – Monroe, NC

“I have used A5658 for several years and it is a hybrid that I can put on my toughest ground.  This year under stress, it was 25 to 30 bushels better than competitor hybrids on similar soil types.  This is the best flex ear corn on the market today.”

Harry Spruill – Columbia, NC

“I really like Augusta 5658 (108 RDM) and A4959 (109 RDM).  These are two solid early hybrids for our area.  They have very high yield potential.”

Brad & Adam Ritter – Nassau, DE

“This is our third year with Augusta 5658.  This year it averaged 200 bushels per acre.”

Don Rawls – Watha, NC

“I really like the early dry down of the Augusta 5658.  It was the first corn I harvested and it was dry.  The Augusta 5658 is a shorter plant with low ear placement.  It stood well and had a really strong root system.  Since my Rep advised me it has tremendous flex, I lowered the population and picked 180 bushels per acre on some lighter soils.  I am very pleased!”

Donnie Martin – Cedar Hill, TN

“I was very pleased with my A5658 (108 RDM).  It looked good all year and yielded over 200 bushels per acre.”

Seth & Stuart Howard – Jacksonville, NC

“This is our third year with Augusta 5658 (108 RDM). This year it averaged 200 bushels per acre dryland.”

Seth & Stuart Howard – Jacksonville, NC

“This is our third year with Augusta 5658 and it has earned a place on our farm.  We really like the size of the plant and the early dry down.  It always yields with, and in most cases, out performs competitor hybrids.  We will be planting even more A5658 next year!  A5658 averaged 200 bushels per acre in 2017.”