Norman Knight – What Cheer, IA

“I have used Augusta Seed corn products for years here at What Cheer, Iowa.  I have found their products are very competitive in performance and the Augusta Company is good to work with.  I have planted the A4658 and A5664 and they are really good performers!”

Darren Hinkle – Augusta Seed Rep

“The A4658, A5658, A5664 and A4465 (NEW FOR 2018) represent a strong group of hybrids for Kentucky growers.  Call me for more information or one of our fine dealers!” 540-255-7649

Stephen Ellis – Caret, VA

“We have planted Augusta Seed corn for years.  I have found their products to be competitive with the national brands.  The A5664 is a stable plant in good years and tough ones.  I really like the A5658 and have had good success with A5162.  The way I see it, the BUCK STOPS with Augusta Seed corn!”

Roger Richardson – Eden, MD

“A6664, A5062 and A5664 did excellent for me!”

Bonnie & Clay Respess – Pantego, NC

“This was our first year planting Augusta.  The A5664 was a great corn for us.  It averaged 220 bushels per acre, had a great shuck cover and standability.  We were very pleased!”

Clark Mastin – Wilkesboro, NC

“I’ve been planting Augusta seed hybrids for quite a few years and have been very pleased with the consistent yields every season!  I especially like doing business with a family owned company and the personal attention I get from Augusta.  A5664 is one of my go to hybrids and it is looking good again this year!  Call me for your Augusta Seed needs.” 336-957-6750

Eric & Wally Eachus – Mullica Hill, NJ

“Our Augusta Seed is doing great here in New Jersey.  I have harvested A5664 and A7766 and I could not be more pleased. Call me for your Augusta Seed needs.” 609-254-4535

James, Jamie, Brady & Caleb Draughn – Mount Airy, NC

“We planted A5664 for the first time this year on a marginal piece of ground and it looks really good.  Exceptional plant health and very big uniform ears!  We can’t wait to get in there to pick it!”

James, Jamie, Brady & Caleb Draughn – Mount Airy, NC

“We think the A5664 is going to yield about 220 bushels per acre.  What we do know is that it stands great!  It’s still standing after our late October storms!”

James & Jamie Draughn – Mount Airy, NC

“A5664 has unbelievable standability and great yields.”