Justin Atwood – Advance, NC

“This was my first experience planting Augusta Seed and I was very impressed!  The A7767 was the most uniform corn throughout the field.  Even with adverse growing conditions, it still averaged 190 bushels per acre.  What was so impressive was the fact it out-yielded the competitor corn on the same farm by 60 bushels!”

Bruce Arnold – Charsworth, GA

“Overall, I was happy with my Augusta corn.  But what really stood out to me was how good the standability was on the A7767.”

Chris Smith – Deep Run, NC

“The Augusta 7767 (117 RDM) has been my favorite corn for years.  It has yield potential, test weight and consistency I look for in a corn.  This year the Augusta 7767 averaged 200 bushels per acre.  It will be on my farm again next year!”

Buddy King – Wallace, NC

“This is our third year with the A7767 (117 RDM) and we are very pleased.  This corn has really good plant health along with outstanding stalk strength and standability.  The A7767 has awesome yields and performs well for our operation.”

Bates Houck & Josh Johnson – Cameron, SC

“This is our fourth year planting Augusta 7767 and as always we are very pleased!  It consistently yields with, and in most cases out performs, our competitor hybrids under the same pivots.  This year our A7767 was averaging 225 bushels per acre and was one of our better performing corns!”

Justin Edwards – Lyman, NC

“My A7767 has done it again!  I am very pleased with this hybrid.  It has all the characteristics you would look for in a seed corn.  My A7767 averaged 180 bushels per acre this year.  That’s good stuff!”

Michael & Wesley Drake – Newsoms, VA

“Augusta 7767 and A7766 work well for us.  I like how Augusta brings me not only good yielding corn varieties, but varieties that stand well and are suited for our local area.”

Patrick Burch – Lake City, SC

“I am very pleased with the Augusta 7767.  It has excellent standability along with superb grain quality and 62 pound test weight.  Did I mention it averaged 240 bushels per acre?”

Tom Brock – Martin, TN

“I was very impressed with how the A4959 performed this year.  It put on a nice ear and showed some good ear flex.  The A4959 averaged 180 bushels per acre and my A7767 went 190 bushels per acre.  I am pleased with my Augusta corn.”

Donnie, Charles & Joe Anderson – Statesville, NC

“This year we planted four Augusta hybrids and they all look really good!  We are particularly impressed with A4959 (109 RDM) and A7767 (117 RDM) which are yielding 200 and 230 bushels per acre, respectively.  Both have exceptional grain quality!”