Maryland Testimonials

Glen Plutschak – Preston, MD

“Each of the last 2 years A6664 has beaten a different national competitor side by side on my farm.  It looks like this will be the third year in a row.  With results like those along with a shorter plant and lower ear placement, I really like A6664.”

Donnie McFarland – Church Hill, MD

“A6664 is being our top yielder so far this year.  With all the extremes in weather the 250+ bushel corn has been difficult to find.  We are pleased that the A6664 averaged in the 250 bushels range!  It has good standability and is a very stable plant for us.”

Kyle Hutchison – Cordova, MD

“Augusta 6664 has done well for us again.  It has some race horse and some work horse in it.  I can’t think of anywhere it doesn’t work for us.”

Danny Geisinger – Frederick, MD

“I am impressed with the performance of A6664.  I can’t wait to get the combine in here!”

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Danny Geisinger – Frederick, MD

“I like the A6664. It has 8 inch long ears and 18 rows of grain.  The kernels are very deep and I am anxious to harvest it!”

Kevin Fishell – Federalsburg, MD

“This is my first year with A5663.  I like that it isn’t overly tall and has a nice ear placement.  It also has nice flexibility with deep, large kernels.”

Garey Quidas – Preston, MD

“A5565 produces a huge ear and has looked good all season.  I am expecting it to be a top yielder on my farm this year.”

Rhonda Quidas – Preston, MD

“The Augusta 5262 has been my favorite dryland hybrid for years!  I picked it because it holds off better for rain than anything I have seen.  It stands well and has the ear flex to hit the big yields.”

Craig Pitts – Augusta Seed Rep

“I am seeing A5065 with some impressive ear development on the eastern shore.  It has great grain quality and big yield potential.”

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Rhonda and Garey Quidas – Preston, MD

“We have had crazy weather this season and A4759 is handling it very nice!” Dealer - 443-786-7614

Rhonda and Garey Quidas – Preston, MD

“A4759 has good stalk strength and nice full ears.  We really look forward to its fast dry down.  We have had crazy weather this season and A4759 is handling it very nice!” 443-786-7614

Donnie McFarland – Church Hill, MD Dealer

“We are really excited about A4759!  It has the workhorse capabilities but yet the top end we need!  Call me for your Augusta Seed needs in my area.”  410-708-8895

Wayne O’Neill – Lothian, MD

“We were way too wet and then had 5 weeks of extreme dry, followed by too wet again now!  I bought the A3750 because it is a stress tolerant corn.  It sure looks good for our conditions!”

Garey & Rhonda Quidas – Preston, MD

“I have planted Augusta 2956 for years and it has always been a top performer on my farm.  I have not seen any hybrid in its maturity that has come close to its yield!”

Kyle Hutchison – Cordova, MD

“A1165 did well in our irrigated test plot this year.  It yielded near the top of the plot and had good dry down especially compared to other 114/115 day hybrids.  The A1165 also had some of the best stalks in the plot and the plot harvested later than it should have been.”

Terri Wolf-King – Hurlock, MD

“For the past 21 years, I have raised my children on my farm.  I did everything in the chicken houses as well as running and fixing equipment.  My children did it all with me as well.”

Rhonda Quidas – Preston, MD

“I love farming because of the people.  You become a family.  You lift each other up in bad times and celebrate the good ones.  You leave a great legacy for your children.”

John & Kathy Myers – Worton, MD

“With the weather we had this year, I didn’t think we would even have a hundred bushels.  Thanks to the Augusta 7664, even our dryland went over 200 bushels per acre!”

Roger Richardson – Eden, MD

“A6664, A5062 and A5664 did excellent for me!”

Roger Richardson & Tom West – Eden, MD

“We use Augusta Seed corn because it performs.  It has been planted on our farm for years and the seed is tough.  It withstands our environment well.  Two of my favorite hybrids are A6664 (114 RDM) and A2956 (106 RDM).”

Glen & Mary Lou Plutschak – Preston, MD

“I have planted A6664 for the past two years and I’m really tickled with it.  The monitor showed spikes well up into the 300 bushel range.  It averaged 248 bushels per acre at 17.5%!  I have already put in my order for 2018!”

Kyle Hutchison, Hutchison Brothers Farm – Cordova, MD

“A6664 and A5565 are two of our favorite full season corns.”

Don Dulin – Denton, MD

“My A6664 was planted at 29,000 plants per acre this year.  The first half of the summer was hot and dry on it, but the A6664 held on well.  It would up averaging 196 dry bushels per acre.  I’m pleased.”

Kevin Dietz – Glen Arm, MD

“We are very happy with our A6664.  It averaged 245 dry bushels on dryland this year.”

Roger Richardson – Eden, MD

“A6664, A5062 and A5664 did excellent for me!”

Jeff King – Hurlock, MD

“Year after year, A5565 is my favorite Augusta hybrid.  I planted it under irrigation around my test plot.  It averaged 253 dry bushels per acre and was standing great!”

Kyle Hutchison, Hutchison Brothers Farm – Cordova, MD

“A6664 and A5565 are two of our favorite full season corns.”

Ron Dierker – Rock Hall, MD

“I have A5565 on my farm this year and it is doing great!  We have even had it in the Gloucester County NJ area this year running 298 bushels per acre.  Call me for your Augusta Seed needs.” 410-708-8644

Bobby Hutchison – Cordova, MD

A5457 is our favorite hybrid!